B Marvellous offers a unique holistic approach to complementary health and wellbeing. Developing you and your family life skills in fun creative ways.

  • One to one blissful holistic therapies for you to discover.
  • Family programs and sessions to develop wellbeing  tools for ages 0 to 90. Come and practice confidence, resilience, relaxation, self-esteem and emotional language. Discover these through play and craft activities. 
  • Work, From staff rewards to wellbeing polices, supporting local business to build confidident and resilient staff. 
  • Schools can be tough environments for students and teachers alike. B marvellous offers personalised programs and  activities from nursery to college. Helping you to support your staff and students.


Bmarvellous believes that therapeutic wellbeing should be available to all.

Supporting you, your family and community.

  • Wellbeing is about feeling marvellous, embracing uniqueness and learning to play up to strengths. 
  • BM will share tools, techniques, experiences and science in ways that are; age appropriate, easy to access and fun to prcaatice. 
  • BM offers safe space to encourage learning and development of life skills.
  • BM offers after care and material to support continued practice.
  • BM will endeavour to make access available regardless of mental, physical or economic diversity.
  • Sessions, programs and 1 to 1s are personally developed with over a decades knowledge and collective holistic understanding. 
  • BM tools are aimed to strengthen connections to ourselves, family and community.
  • BM promotes the use of working in stainable and local ways. 
  • BM monitors its social impact. 

In caring for ourselves we pass on balanced happy energy to others we care for 


Had a taster session with Liz today. Lovely. Highly recommended. Left feeling great. Thank you Liz. Can’t wait for my next session xx Sue Anderson